George’s Mexican Village Project

Hi Friends,

Some of you have asked for more information about the Mexican village of Ek Balam, the one I am “adopting,” in the Mexican state of Yucatan.

I visited the ruins at Ek Balam (Black Jaguar, a ruler in the city) in December 2007 and found it an amazing spiritual location. the site has
only been explored since 1997. Ek Balam Pueblo is a poor town of 400 people, located off the beaten path about an hour from Cancun.

My connection to helping the pueblo comes through my new friend Gaby Giordino, whom I met in Tulum, MX in February; the last email i got from Gaby a few weeks ago said that the swine flu scare had decimated tourism in their area.  She had not been able to get to the village to talk to
the elders about my offers to spend a vacation helping teach English in the school because of this. But they did receive about a month ago my
packet of books for the elementary school- the combined English/Spanish/Maya vocabulary, and the English spanish coloring books
of the stories of the Mayan gods.

Here’s the Mayan ruins that brought me to the area:

Here’s a description of the community’s eco lodge from Moon Guide: Much more rustic accommodations are available at Uh Najil Ek’ Balam
(US$32.50 cabin), a community-run complex a short distance from Genesis Ek’ Balam. Eleven wood bungalows have very basic furnishings; a few have private bath, others share equally basic common bathrooms and showers. The concept is great—a cooperative of more than 20 local
people share in the camp’s operation and profit—but the place could use a little better upkeep. Guests can use the kitchen here. The best
feature may be the new observation tower (US$2.50) that affords a terrific view of the village and surroundings

The lodge’s website is available only in Spanish and kind of hard to find:

Here’s the website of my new friend Gaby Giordino, the travel agent who has been helping the village: She lives and works in the coastal town of Tulum about one hour away from Ek Balam.

Thanks for your interest in my little dream – I don’t know where this might lead!


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